1980s – Impactful TV Shows

Times have changed, the creative and entertainment industries haven’t been left behind.

It is with admiration, nostalgia and a longing for reintroduction, revamping and renewal for this kind of the creative and entertainment industries, wishing it could be brought back, that we like to highlight these productions.

There are loads of other shows that have had their impact and still today, but these are the ones where we still learn from and continue to enjoy.


The Flying Doctors


A rarely seen way of tv-production nowadays, with strong storylines and its social subjects, still relevant today, even after more than 30 years since the original airdate.

It was especially popular in The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, among other countries. The Australian tv-show ran from 1986, starting with a mini-series, calling it quits in 1992.

The elements of each episode: a social and relatable subject, a joke here and there, light conversation with an overall community-feeling. Set in a small outback town, combined with actors that could debut their acting skills and have landed since magnificent roles.

It’s a shame a show like this isn’t in any way today on screen, but the magic of this show especially is to be celebrated, knowing that actual success and enjoying a show more than three decades later is rare, to say the least.

The Sullivans


A little earlier than the actual 1980s we refer to the most and is our focus, the 1970s shouldn’t be forgotten in terms of great television.

For the time, also discussing relevant social subjects, that will remain timeless. It ran from the mid seventies until the early eighties.

The show was set in the time before, during and after World War II Melbourne, making it an educational tv show as well, for those who didn’t have a personal connection with the horrid war, making it a relevant show today as well, keeping the memory alive and showing respect for history and victims.

In today’s day and age where it can be a struggle to involve the younger generation in commemorating, remembering, respecting and acknowledging the generations before us, The Sullivans may have brought people closer and may achieve this today still, the meaningful screenplay, classic acting and influences of the seventies doesn’t hurt either.


A Country Practice


Quite similar to The Flying Doctors in some ways, yet totally different.

Both have in common that it surrounds around health care, a small town with a high sense of community engagement and both dared to discuss social relevant subjects during the episodes, again still relevant today, maybe even more for that matter.

The difference is mainly in characters, seems a little more varied and there was a regular return of previously introduced characters. Also, slight difference in acting styles and that the town was more about a mix of the rural country side and nearby towns where the hospital in the show, the centre of the show, interacted with.

The success of A Country Practice is as well, undeniable, from 1981 up to 1994, they proved its success and as with all of these shows, remain popular for generations watching them when they were younger and newer generations coming into contact with valuable television productions like these.