2020 skills in demand

2020 Skills in demand to be more Business Wise

2020 Skills in demand 

Here we explain the 2020 skills in demand, so you know what to do. And where you can be in high-demand yourself.

New skills are needed this year. Definitely, because there are major changes. The economy will change and your income perhaps too.

Therefore you must be prepared.


Skills are increasing your chances of success. It’s Business Wise to learn, master and be excited about them. Did you know you can help out a lot of people and companies thrive, simply because you can do something they struggle with, or they want to increase productivity? You are their pro. You can do it.

How great is it even to have a skill? It’s putting you in business and it’s also great for your reputation. In addition, people will look up to you.

Benefits of having skills 


  • Becoming Business Wise
  • Financial security
  • Growing your career
  • People will look up to you
  • Showing others it is possible
  • Prepared for change

Which skills are in demand?

Demand has changed and that means different skills are needed. We will walk you through the skills we have seen an increased demand for because we want you to succeed.

We see the demand change all around: in networks, social media and as the economy now quickly changes.

Design and Creation

A big problem for lots of companies is a lack of design. It makes them stand out.

There is anxiety, because how will companies remain? Exactly, by design. It’s the ultimate way to show who they are. In addition, it gives them something extra.

These types are especially now in high demand:

  • Graphic Design
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Illustration

Knowing how to illustrate on-demand, especially classic styles such as fashion illustrations are in high-demand.

But, while they are in demand it might decrease because a lot of designers overcharge. In a difficult economy, designers will struggle too.

Then companies will look for different ways to get noticed.


The economy is changing and that comes with another form of change: how we all dress. Consumers will think more consciously about their purchases.

Most of all the fashion productions are happening abroad. But this might be the biggest change and it’s actually not a bad thing. It’s a way how the 1980s are making their comeback: producing fashion locally.

Why this would happen:
  • Decreasing co2 emission
  • Decreasing time customers have to wait for their order
  • Encouraging small businesses
  • Decreasing how much companies and countries have to rely on others

Social Media & Press

The media is having an important role. From social media to the press.

Social media skills are in high demand. Every single company is doing something on social media to stand out. From selling to marketing.

If you know how to effectively market, sell or increase visibility you have a valuable skill. If you are already working in the media, you are needed.

We have seen these skills increase in their demand:

  • Social media management
  • Press releases
  • Media coverage
  • Public relations


It is not considered a skill, but having connections is incredibly powerful. Being able to connect and make the connections, that is a skill.

Did you know you can actually make money just because you know people?

You can become an affiliate for them: when you refer someone to your connection and they do business, you can get 10% of the profit.

What you can do:
  • Help others: connect skill with the demand
  • Show others what they can do
  • Become an affiliate
  • Network using apps, social media and reach out to companies
  • Use your own network
  • Write to companies and reach out to freelancers, because they can use your help

2020 skills in demand

Why are these skills in demand?


  • Because marketing costs time and money
  • Currently, it’s not attractive to hire someone full-time in-house and costs time to learn them (depending on how you do it)
  • There are people who lack the insight that you have, but you can help them
  • Other companies offer these skills don’t have time or charge too much money, affecting company growth for others
  • A lot of businesses refuse to work with small companies, entrepreneurs, but your skill can actually be the one-step they must take in order to become successful
  • Economy: we will experience an economic shift, this means a lot of skills you would normally ignore, are about to become incredibly powerful
I want to learn a skill, but I can’t
  • Lack of money –> but, you can teach yourself for free
  • Lack of time –> but, you can learn to increase productivity
  • No talent –> talent helps, but there is so much you can learn by learning it in a fun, interactive and encouraging way
  • Not knowing how –> you are in luck because we have a guide for you


What do I do once I’m mastering it?

It depends on your goal. Let’s go through your possible goals.

  • I want more financial security –> sign up as a freelancer, market your service
  • I want to teach others –> teach others online, create an educational book or webinars
  • It’s for my career: I want to move up or be hired by reputable companies –> in order to do that: show them and let them know

Now you know the 2020 skills in demand you are ready. But you can also be in a situation where you have yet to learn a skill.

You are in luck: this is your guide