We offer services for authors, businesses and (self-developing) professionals. Find out what we can mean for you or what we can do together, in order to grow together!

Whether it's for your book or you're looking for a production assistant, assistant director. We're here to help, learn and grow.



Beta-Reading Service

We offer a specific beta reading service for authors. It's important to note we are not professional editors, but we will simply read your writing project as a reader. With that we will check your grammar, the flow of your story and provide feedback, it's all up to you what you need. You can request the beta reading service through the contact form. From there on we can discuss the details. We work through Fiverr. Due to our own experiences this beta reading service is offered at an author-friendly price.

It's important to know we can only offer the beta reading service for a writing project that falls within our range of interests and expertise. Therefore we only offer this beta reading service in the following genres of fiction: General Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance and a mix of genres. We don't do horror, science-fiction, detective and so on. If your writing project is a genre that isn't mentioned here, you can fill out the contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Take On Feedback

Yarrow House Publishing believes in proper feedback. We have experienced it ourselves as well: you receive feedback that isn't at all useful to you. Simply stating if it's bad, not highlighting the strong points of your writing project. Not even providing you with some tips, only giving a one-way advice that reads: stop writing. That's not the job of a beta reader, nor is it what feedback should be.

It's important to receive feedback you can learn and grow from. Good and bad. Getting good feedback with some tips on how to make it better, information how the reader reads it and understands your story. You can receive bad feedback in a way you can learn from and improve your writing with.

What true bad feedback means to us? Feedback that it isn't at all providing you with useful information. No single tip, no single piece of information on how your romantic novel is read and also not highlighting what is great about your story.

For us, feedback means that it's explained what is seen, how it can be approved, what is good about it and what makes it not work. Feedback shouldn't be just an opinion, it should come with more than that. There should be looked at the story from a reader's point of view, but also with a certain expertise: how can you make it better? We may be able to give you some tips on your writing project. But again, we're no professional editors, we simply read your writing project as a reader.

Creative Assistance

This service applies to everyone needing or requiring a helping hand. Whether you need some help writing your story, because you struggle with writer's block or you need help in the entire process of an on-screen production, think: a TV-Series or an (independent movie). It's important to know that we firmly stick by our House Style guide and our formula, meaning we do not focus on certain genres that includes: science-fiction, horror, detective and particular dramatic works. Check out our About page to learn more about our formula.

Are you looking for budget friendly options? You can get in touch using the contact form to talk about this service. If you'd like to collaborate with us, read the information below.

Your Writing Project                                     When it's about writing, we have been there. From getting a story together to publishing written work. But in between, there have been countless times where writer's block was literally blocking everything. We have found out several ways to get started again, so we may be able to help you out.

On-Screen Productions                                      We can help you out, especially when it's about on-screen productions. From working out the idea, finding the location, creating and designing the set to selecting the right people to collaborate, distributing your production and more. We're especially excited to help you out, so we can learn too.

Order Online & Other Services

Are you interested in either of these services? You can easily shop them online on Fiverr. Doesn't it meet your needs exactly? Then you can also request a custom order and we can discuss how best to help you out. From translating, doing a transcription for you, sourcing products, helping you with your business to other gigs we have on offer.

Request A Service

Can't find the service you are looking for? Or were you expecting a particular service related to either writing, translating or the entertainment industry? You can request a service and we might be able to help you out. Get in touch using the contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Note: We are Dutch native speakers and are as you can notice busy with the English language on a daily basis: mainly UK and AU English. Therefore we are able to translate for you, yet it's important for you to know that we aren't experienced with it in particular.


Next to our providing services we're also very interested in collaborations, because how else to grow when it's not available to you? Well, we're right here.

Team-Member For On-Screen Production

This collaboration is especially for those working in the entertainment industry. The creative assistance service, only more advanced, because we not only will help you out, we will also be your team-member. We are passionate and fascinated about the entertainment industry, think: on-screen productions, but it must fall within our House Style guide and our formula. For those questioning if this is something for you, you can get in touch with us or read about us first before doing so.

We can be your team-member to create the screenplay with you, figure out locations, work out who is best suited as performers for your production. Next to that we can also be your team-member in terms of design and distributing your production and sell them through our other business: our webshop that is expanding continuously.


It's all up to you what you need and how much you need it. It's important to know that a lot of these things can be done through appropriate communication over e-mail.

We like to stay as budget friendly as possible. It's important to know that in terms of the screenplay we will keep the copyright as that's part of our formula as well, since it's still a creative expression. Since we have a webshop: we can source the appropriate items for your set and then you can buy them through the webshop. In terms of distributing your production we work with a distributor and then it can be  sold on our webshop.

Are you interested in this collaboration, would you like to know more and discuss the options? Get in touch with us, using the contact form.

Advanced Service For Entertainment & Creative Industries

As we have listed above we are very eager and interested in the entertainment industry, especially when it comes down to production: a movie whether that is an independent movie or not, or a TV-show.

When collaboration isn't your cup of tea, you need more help than the creative service offers we can discuss a more advanced service.

What do we offer with the more advanced service? It's a broad package from the creative part that plays a big role in your production (no pun intended) to the details (sourcing materials, locations, design-wise etc) and assisting and helping you with your project.

The difference with our other services are that the creative assistance is usually more for a particular part of your project, with the collaboration we are more involved and team-member for on-screen production is a collaboration.

This more advanced service can be created to suit your needs. You can also combine this with our other services: so we can for example help you with the creative process or assist you in finding locations, set-design and the tiny details you need help with.

This service is the all-included package of services we offer to the people working in the creative and entertainment industries.

The Yarrow House Platform

For our Platform department we are continuously looking for content that aligns with our House Style guide for the Yarrow House Platform. We want to hear from (self-developing) professionals working in the particular sector who has so

It's important to know that we need pitched articles to be completely understandable to the public. To achieve this and also to make sure it fits with the Platform: we will work with you on the article, ask you questions about it, add our take on the subject and then add it to our blog.

But, there is more. We also will publish the article in either a magazine that will be printed and distributed through our sales channel.

Additionally and if we have enough content, we would like to publish publications in a book. Since this platform is still growing and expanding we can't guarantee anything. Check out the Yarrow House Platform for more information.

The Pub

You can also collaborate with this department and the name already tells a little bit about it, The Pub: where to relax. Articles belonging to The Pub will also be added to our blog and if there's enough content we will also be able to publish it in the form of a magazine like it's the case with The Platform's article. This department is entirely focused on entertainment in the categories of: Fashion, Design, The Entertainment Industry & Beauty. Everything of course must align with our house-style guide and formula.

You can read more on The Pub.