About the Yarrow House Platform

The Yarrow House Platform


The History Of The Yarrow House Platform

Ever since Yarrow House Publishing was founded in 2018 we have been looking for a place to connect and interact with like-minded people about various subjects and sectors.  We have been looking for particular publications and guess what? It wasn't available. Not one and when it is: it's not understandable or it's only available
to particular people.
Unfair, we think. Because there are plenty of people who just want to know more and share their input with others and it's a fantastic opportunity to share your ideas.
The founder of YHP has been looking for years for certain publications about health care, people to talk about certain subjects, but it wasn't available.
Not with the intention to go a certain university, since that may be unavailable to you, but to teach yourself, learn by yourself. Through this way you are (a) self-developing (professional).

What Is The Yarrow House Platform?

The YHP is a platform on which we will discuss and share information, ideas and input. This is in the departments of Health Care, Economy, Architecture & Interior Design, The Entertainment Industry and you also have the option to make a pitch for a new category.
It's a platform that is for participants from Europe, USA, The United Kingdom and Oceania, since the main goal is to learn more, find out, share and inform each other about subjects and sectors active there.
We do have rules and we too have admission rules, participants are also required to follow etiquette rules: respect each other, listen to each other, simply being cordial and it's very important that every form of communication is appropriate.

Yarrow House Publishing has the right to refuse further communication and cooperation with participants who are not following the rules, guidelines, formula or simply not suitable for a particular subject.

The Admission Rules

You must either be a professional or non-professional (a self-developing professional). YHP's definition of a self-developing professional:

With a self-developing professional we mean that you don't have the expertise; you don't work in the particular sector, you do have an interest/fascination/passion for the subject or/and you do not have a degree.
You are literally developing yourself by reading, learning from other people, by yourself and the other ways, except for having a job in the particular field, a degree or have a role within an organisation that is focused on the subject.

You got that right; a university degree, managing role, it's not required. You must be interested or fascinated or passionate about the subject.

How Can You Join in?

You can join in by filling out the contact form or you can check this page for announcements on which subjects we're looking for participants.

Privacy Note: We will store this information for further publication projects so we can make a proper selection of people.
When you simply make yourself known we will also store this information so when the subject comes up or is planned we can get in touch with you.
When you submit an article: we like to keep you informed and for further projects like to get back to you.


YHP's Subjects

Health Care Subjects

  • Organisation
  • History: "A Hospital in the.." 1960s-1990s
  • Economy
  • The Biggest Advancements In Health Care
  • Hospitals Merging With Other Hospitals
  • The Unseen/Insignificant Changes In Health Care That Have An Impact
  • Pitch A Request

Economy Subjects

  • What Makes A Good Economy?
  • When Do You Start Saving?
  • What Is Done To Keep An Economy Healthy?
  • An Economic Crisis: In The 1980s
  • Investing In The 1980s

Architecture & Interior Design

  • What Made The 1980s Great In Terms Of Classic Interior Design?
  • What Makes Design Great?
  • How Has Interior Changed? A Historical Article Reflecting The Shift: 1960s-1990s.
  • Pitch A Request

The Entertainment Industry

  • What The Industry Nowadays Lacks
  • The Best Shows Of The 1980s
  • The Craft Of A Screenplay
  • A Guide To A Screenplay
  • The Shift Of The Music Industry per era: 1960s-1990s
  • An Economic Guide: What Does An Independent Movie Cost?