About Yarrow House Publishing


In November 2018 Yarrow House Publishing was founded, albeit under a different name. We pride ourselves in being a different kind of Publisher. The same year the previous version of Business Wise - Part One was published under a different title and also under the previous imprint.

We kept developing our House Style guide in terms of guidelines, culture, focus and formula and as a result we have made quite some changes. Yarrow House Publishing became the new name of our company and we have also made a shift in with whom we work, in order to publish quality publications. In April the first part of the Business Wise Series was officially published. Since June 2019 we also offer the first part of the Business Wise Series as a paperback.

Next to publishing and expanding our publishing house, we will also offer our publications and productions on our other business venture: Yarrow House, an online shop. This allows us to sell our publications and productions directly, working with a trusted distributor.

We're not just a publishing house as we have a wide range of interests and try to focus on the different ways written work can be published, but also productions, since that's a big part of us.

We offer several services to authors and producers, directors and anyone who's developing an on-screen production, whether that's an independent movie, simply an idea or a TV Series.

Our Formula

YHP has developed an entire formula that best describes where Yarrow House Publishing stands for, how we like to grow and what we want to achieve.
All of our own publications and productions have one key element: little affinity with today's modern world. We publish and produce what we feel is missing in the book market, entertainment industry and culture. Precisely what we yearn for in books, movies and television: we produce and publish, to share it with you.
That's our main key element and with that we also focus on particular subjects and genres. We only focus on general fiction, historical fiction, romance and a mix of genres.
This doesn't include horror, detective, science fiction and so on.
In terms of our production department we focus on comedy, romance, the historical genre, independent movies and a mix of genres as long as they align with the House Style guide.
Often other genres don't align with our House Style guide, nor our formula and thus we don't focus on it.


Etiquette might be considered boring and out-dated, but we think quite differently about it.
It's currently not seen as anything of importance, nor is it a key element like it was before. Etiquette is for us all about communication, how you present yourself
and express yourself. To sum it up: we prioritise etiquette and you can see it back in all of our work.
A part of our etiquette priority is like we already mentioned: communication.


YHP likes to work with professionals and self-developing professionals.
Although we have worked with other companies and editors linked to traditional publishing, it has been proven that working with freelancers is much more beneficial.
We have thus far had great experiences with freelancers and it's for that exact reason it's that we prefer working with them.
As a result, we have been able to grow and achieve the goals we had set.

Who Is Behind Yarrow House Publishing?

Maybritt Suijk - Founder of Yarrow House Publishing

Maybritt Suijk founded Yarrow House Publishing in November 2018 under the previous imprint. She manages YHP herself and considers herself a self-developing professional, which is due to a lack of (previous) experience and education that she focuses on developing YHP further as publisher, producer, talent agent and business consultant and mentor.

With the fine-tuning focus, Yarrow House Publishing is constantly reviewed by her. Having a wide range of interests in production, publishing and beyond, YHP continues to grow and develop to a continuous accessible place for businesses, authors, producers, actors and individuals under her reign. The ever-growing network, knowledge, experience and focus is the recipe for YHP's further success.