Are publishing houses really open to creatives?

Rejection upon rejection, getting horrible feedback and not finding anyone nor any publishing house that’s willing to take a chance on your book, or even you as an author.

The very core as to why Yarrow House Publishing was founded: the creative industry is to us hardly open and it’s lacking a whole lot of elements.

In November 2018 Yarrow House Publishing was founded while still under the impression that the creative industry is at least a little open.


Creative Freedom


Another element why we started all over, instead of even trying, daring on those endless attempts with the Big Five Publishing Houses.

There comes the feared red pen. The carefully constructed story, that one sentence which makes the story in your point of view as author, now tumbling with the speed of the pen. Like a Jenga house it’s crashing.

When you read it, it doesn’t feel like your story anymore.

Why is this done? A situation of: grammatically incorrectness? Affecting the flow of the story? Or simply changing the story, because your creativity isn’t appreciated, considered a commercial value or disliked so much.

Creative freedom is yours alone. That’s where the joy for so many authors are in: to write for the joy, creating and having the power to produce a new reality.

We believe in the potential of any manuscript. Yes.

Of course any written work needs nurturing, some more than others. But it doesn’t mean it hasn’t got any potential at all, that it can’t succeed.

The most important thing to keep in mind: cherish your creative freedom. It may take a while to find the agent, publisher (if you’re aiming to go traditional) who shares your creative sense, ideas and goals.

The red pen should cross errors, but the error should in no case be your creativity.

Storylines may work out, but there are loads of options to fix it with minimal impact when it doesn’t.

We’ll go more into creative freedom in another post soon.


Are Publishing Houses Truly Open To Creatives?


We’d like to consider Yarrow House Publishing open to creatives.

We tend to fiction and non-fiction publications, but as with any publishing house we can’t see to every genre out there. We have a very specific house style guide and we respect every publishing house for having one too.

Every attempt before Yarrow House Publishing was founded has been a harsh lesson to truly acknowledge other publishing houses aren’t quite as open as they make themselves appear.

Creativity is encouraged, but being welcomed as a creative is a different story.

There’s a whole line of succession if you will, before your manuscript is taken in consideration. If there was true openness, any publisher would truly read your manuscript.

To avoid that, there are agents who take over that role, because otherwise nothing could be published.

On that note, we have developed and shaped our publishing house.


You, As Aspiring Author: What To Do Next?


One thing you should do is to stick by your sense of creativity and think creatively to achieve your goals. Ignoring your instincts is the main thing you should refrain from. 

We’re different than the Big Five, welcoming creatives especially.

In order to help you succeed we have a variety of services which is for every writer or aspiring author. Whether going about it traditionally or the modern way: self-publishing. Check out our services to learn more or connect with us!