Back to the 1980s: The 10 Things from the 1980s we must do

Back to the 1980s!

You know it’s the right thing to do. Because the 1980s had so much to offer.

Excitement, fun and a lot of entertainment. We are with you, above all, we know it’s true.

Today’s world is hardly exciting, people aren’t connecting with each other like the 1980s, even the 1990s and definitely before that.

In addition, what’s considered fun, is to many: outdated, dull. But, meanwhile, they all show they want to go back to the 1980s. In fact, we are already heading back, at a fast pace. Firstly, we have to understand that we are actually in a revision of the 1980s.

What about happened in the eighties: we faced an economic crisis, dealt with a boycott of the Olympic Games, women are able to show what they are capable of and the music was listened to on vinyl records.

Get your checklists out: you can actually tick off every single one of them.

We are headed for an economic crisis, the Olympic Games are postponed, women all around the world are showing their business-wise side and vinyl records are hot.

But what is missing? For instance: fun, entertainment, communication and how creative we approached the mundane and every challenge we faced.

There are problems. The good thing is: we can fix them. A point of concern: if we don’t, we won’t enjoy success.

You need entertainment first, to enjoy success. Meanwhile, who doesn’t want to enjoy themselves? More good news: we are here for you, tending to your needs.

Let’s go back to the 1980s!


10 things we must do:


1. Communicate

We talked. When dancing to Boy George and Culture Club, Bananarama, ABBA and all those bands, singers and DJ’s.

We laughed, the most joyful form of communication. Letters were written and details were given. No matter it took a few days to get the message because we showed we cared.

It made us feel special and our friends loved the attentiveness.

2. Embrace fashion

Hairspray, bold colours and clothing that gave us the chance to show who we are.

The early 1990s were especially bold. But the era in question here, still influenced by the 1970s. Ready to work, have fun and be with each other.

What was fashion about in the era we both love? Introducing ourselves without speaking. No craziness is needed. Embrace your options, because they are back!

3. Learning skills

Like we have said: we are going back to the 1980s! With economic change, comes a shift in what is needed. To clarify, who is needed.

Technology has taken over, but the people stay. There is no success without the talents that make it happen.

Learn the skills. Therefore, know what to do.

Examples of 1980s-approved skills: communication, languages, networking, education (share your knowledge!) and business.

4. Know what’s going to make you successful

Do you know you are close? Success is more than money, it’s fulfilment, being eager and excited.

A few eras ago, people knew probably a lot better what and how to do it. It’s hard work and surrounding yourself with people and tools to get you there.

It’s also imagination, being shown where to go. We help too.

5. Focus

A lack of distraction led to success and a whole lot of productivity. There’s a lot distracting us, your phone, e-mail and social media. Plus, a lot more.

But when your distraction helps you: it’s okay. You are imagining, setting goals and without realising it, you are setting yourself up for success.

A few eras ago: parties were held, shows were given. Entertainment has a crucial role in your success. Know where to find it.

6. Being aware of excess

Excess is good and bad. Good because we have lots of options. Bad. That is to say: you are being confused.

You don’t know where to go and choose. Goals, you have. Know what you are looking for, in your career, at home and when you need to be entertained.

Once you have set your goals, know where to go.

7. Having the right tools

In order to achieve your goals and become successful, you need help. You can do it, but the right tools will help you.

You have your education, a job and excitement. But, you have more goals.

A few eras ago: learning, reading and achieving goals. They surprised everyone because they kept working with the right tools.

Keep learning. Stay informed and ahead of your game. Do that with having the right tools.

8. Learning from each other

Now we ignore. We only acknowledge each other once success is achieved.

When in fact, before you could clearly see the signs. Creativity, working hard and going above and beyond.

Most of all: not giving up. You saw the ideas. And the successful person showed you, shared and wanted

You want the same thing. Success stories when hair looked exciting knew that.

Let’s learn from each other. Do that by acknowledging them. You can have the same thing!

 9. Able to use your imagination

The era of The Flying Doctors, Dynasty and Sons & Daughters.

It showed us: imagination. This is how it can be for you. It’s crucial because only then are you able to set the most exciting goals.

For instance, becoming successful: you need it first.

In order to be truly successful, exciting, you must be able to use your imagination. Again, the era of Culture Club knew how it’s done!

10. Read and watch the right entertainment

Do you read the right book that sets you up for success? You are back in the best era, but are you doing the right thing?

Is your next book entertaining you, can you imagine? That show you watch: does it tick these boxes?

  • Does it make you excited?
  • Is it entertaining?
  • When reading/watching are you surprised?
  • Are you encouraged?
  • Do you want to have fun, experience new things and set exciting goals?

When the answer is mostly no, you are avoiding success ánd you are ignoring one of many eras to learn from. Entertainment is key. Know where to find it.


While you are here, instant relief: Entertainment

You have a friend in us because we know and feel your pain. We have made it happen for you.

Here we present approved entertainment. In other words: be entertained, become successful!

back to the 1980s