Ricky Gervais - Why we need the ones that dare

Ricky Gervais – Why we need the ones who dare

Ricky Gervais – Why we need the ones who dare Ricky Gervais, why we need the ones who dare. Speaker of the House? Definitely a speaker during the Golden Globes who doesn’t hold himself back. And I applaud him for the courage and truly going for it. But, and here we go: for those taking offence? Is it going too far? That is personal, but people are certainly making themselves known with either approval or disapproval. Oh,… Read More »Ricky Gervais – Why we need the ones who dare

The Golden Globes 2020

The Golden Globes 2020

Picture by: Nathan DeFiesta The Golden Globes 2020 Welcome and let’s discuss the Golden Globes 2020! A new year, new recommendations based on the awards.  Not simply saying they’re great because they have received the appropriate amount of attention, but really saying they’re worth it by looking at the content. Instead of rating every motion picture individually, I thought it would be a nice thing to do it differently. Therefore, I focus on those motion pictures that… Read More »The Golden Globes 2020

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How one show can change everything: The Flying Doctors

The Flying Doctors What show has changed everything for you? For me, the number one show worthy of recognition, which is ranking very high in the top three: The Flying Doctors. Does it ring a bell? Maybe because of nostalgia?   I was introduced to The Flying Doctors by coincidence, with no fan in my surroundings, the show captivated me at a young age. Medical drama at a young age. A kids show, simply didn’t… Read More »How one show can change everything: The Flying Doctors

The King Of Rock & Roll

Elvis Presley: The New Generation Before people stood with their glasses ready to wish each other all the best for the next year in 1979, there was Elvis. The King of Rock and Roll started a new generation of people and yes, often women, on whom he appeared to have quite the effect. Let’s not forget the men, some will even start singing one of his songs in his voice that’s impossible to imitate with… Read More »The King Of Rock & Roll

Are publishing houses really open to creatives?

Rejection upon rejection, getting horrible feedback and not finding anyone nor any publishing house that’s willing to take a chance on your book, or even you as an author. The very core as to why Yarrow House Publishing was founded: the creative industry is to us hardly open and it’s lacking a whole lot of elements. In November 2018 Yarrow House Publishing was founded while still under the impression that the creative industry is at… Read More »Are publishing houses really open to creatives?