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Business Wise - Part One

A glamorous tale of wealth and business rivalry in Sydney

It's the glamorous 1980s in Sydney and two powerful families, the Gallaghers and Garrisons, clash over business and personal affairs. Rivalry runs deep and the new generation, Ryan Gallagher and Stewart Garrison, seem poised to carry on the family feud. The conflict begins to spread in unexpected ways, in this stylish world of international business and elegant living. Stewart is married and sees himself as better than Ryan, who is still single. Ryan is very picky when it comes to girls. He takes the feud, his career and his role in the Gallagher family very seriously. He knows the girl he chooses must be almost perfect. Both families resort to questionable tactics to get exactly what they want in business, using their good connections to full advantage. The bitter feud between the wealthy, privileged families shows no sign of stopping. Pressure builds when they both compete for the same deal. Who will win? So much is at stake!


Business Wise - Part Two

A stylish story of loyalty and conflict in business and personal affairs

It’s Christmas time in Australia and Janet Gallagher and Libby Garrison come to an agreement for a potential mutual benefit. They both have their sights set on the same lucrative deal. Ryan and Stewart have a showdown at Head Office and high drama unfolds when they take their romantic partners to a hotel in a small coastal town. Stewart's wife seems to be transforming into her mother-in-law while Ryan's girlfriend gains a better understanding of the glamorous Gallaghers when she meets Ryan’s down-to-earth relatives from rural Australia. An old friend of Ryan's girlfriend finds he has to make a tough choice between career advancement, love and long-term friendship. Conflicts, rivalries and tests of loyalty are at an all-time high in this stylish second instalment of the Gallagher-Garrison 1980s business drama. Will one family succeed at the other’s expense? An unexpected twist suggests it won’t be a happy new year for everyone!

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A blast from the past

Business Wise - Part Three

A blast from the past creates problems for the Gallaghers and Garrisons. A deal they failed to keep results in an unexpected business takeover by their early mentors. There’s a forced business merger and the families must work together if they want to stay in the game. New business challenges keep appearing in the third instalment of this exciting series where loyalty is always being tested. An ambitious new assistant, Walter Fields, arrives on the scene. He's a country boy and eager to put his past behind him. He may - or may not - take the business world by storm. The younger female members of the families take on interesting new roles in the companies and receive some valuable lessons in business. Meanwhile, a trip to The Whitsundays is not all it seems. It's never business as usual for the Gallagher and Garrison families. What will happen to the companies – and the glamorous families who run them?

M.B. Clarke is the pseudonym of the Dutch author of the Business Wise series of novels. She lives near the coast in the Netherlands and began writing screenplays and novels since her teenage years. She has always preferred to write in English because of her deep fascination with British and Australian language and culture. M.B. Clarke is also an entrepreneur and has many side projects on the go. Her experiences in business often wind up in her plots. She writes the kind of stories she would like to read or see on the screen. All of her works have one thing in common: they have little affinity with today’s modern world.