Business Wise - Part Three

A blast from the past

A blast from the past creates problems for the Gallaghers and Garrisons. A deal they failed to keep results in an unexpected business takeover by their early mentors. There’s a forced business merger and the families must work together if they want to stay in the game. New business challenges keep appearing in the third instalment of this exciting series where loyalty is always being tested. An ambitious new assistant, Walter Fields, arrives on the scene. He's a country boy and eager to put his past behind him. He may - or may not - take the business world by storm. The younger female members of the families take on interesting new roles in the companies and receive some valuable lessons in business. Meanwhile, a trip to The Whitsundays is not all it seems. It's never business as usual for the Gallagher and Garrison families. What will happen to the companies – and the glamorous families who run them?