Business Wise - Part Two

A stylish story of loyalty and conflict in business and personal affairs

M.B. Clarke

It’s Christmas time in Australia and Janet Gallagher and Libby Garrison come to an agreement for a potential mutual benefit. They both have their sights set on the same lucrative deal. Ryan and Stewart have a showdown at Head Office and high drama unfolds when they take their romantic partners to a hotel in a small coastal town. Stewart's wife seems to be transforming into her mother-in-law while Ryan's girlfriend gains a better understanding of the glamorous Gallaghers when she meets Ryan’s down-to-earth relatives from rural Australia. An old friend of Ryan's girlfriend finds he has to make a tough choice between career advancement, love and long-term friendship. Conflicts, rivalries and tests of loyalty are at an all-time high in this stylish second instalment of the Gallagher-Garrison 1980s business drama. Will one family succeed at the other’s expense? An unexpected twist suggests it won’t be a happy new year for everyone!