"A new and different take on what the publishing and entertainment industries should be." - Founder of Yarrow House Publishing



Yarrow House Publishing focuses on more than one thing, more than one discipline, making it the perfect start for you as either a professional or self-developing professional. Even if you haven't got the experience or qualification.


Are you looking for the next new challenge, do you want to become part of an international publishing and production house with contacts all over the world? Do you want to build something great and fullfil your full potential?

Then, look no further!

Countries where we focus on


The United Kingdom

Poland (and other countries from Eastern Europe)

Australia - YHP works probably the most with Australia, it's preferred too. YHP mostly works with creatives prior to publications. And did you know, that our publications are mostly set in Australia? Also for our productions we focus on the Australian market. This also counts for our view on producing film & television: our house style guide is based on our favourite things we've seen in the past of Australia's best work.

The United Kingdom - YHP is looking to expand in The United Kingdom in particular. It's where publishing and the core of the book market takes place, precisely the reason we're considering it a goal to have an office in London. In the midst of the creativity!

Poland (Eastern Europe) - YHP won't be the first nor the last to acknowledge the power of Eastern Europe as a whole and Poland in particular. In particular in Warsaw we're looking forward to expand and work with creatives, producers, designers and all kinds of businesses (more than one kind of business) and work with businesses to bring Poland forward.

United States & Canada

YHP is already working with The United States and Canada, in particular with book distributors. We can find ourselves as well in the American business culture and since the American and Canadian book market cannot be ignored, it's in our top three of countries where we sell. Our publications are there the most. Therefore we're looking forward to working with Canada and The United States more and more frequently.

Part-Time/Project Based Positions

Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Film & Television Producers

Are you a graphic designer or illustrator? Passionate to create the most catching covers, illustrations, maybe for our publications? Then we might be working with you next! We mostly work on a freelance basis, but there can be a permanent position in it for you, with the possibility to grow and even lead. Interested to work on a freelance project? Apply!

Film & Television producers, technical professionals, we're looking for you too! Especially for future projects. At the moment the project hasn't started yet, but with the right approach: we will be soon! Then we need you. Also for the creation of YouTube content and our social media channels we need your skill set. You can simply apply to make yourselves known in order to be considered for the job. As with all these positions: there is the possibility for you to grow with YHP and work with us.

Actors, Technical Professionals, Designers and Staff

Are you like us, having that secret dream, urge to act? Simply to know what it's like minus the pressure? For our own dream and project we're improving for: we are looking for actors who will be available for the specific date and location. Nothing is known yet since this is for the future, but it's all about being well-prepared. In order to be considered: we need you to apply and tell us a little bit about yourself, so we can organise who's interested in working on the film project. Actors we're specifically looking for are from Australia, UK, New Zealand and between the ages of 25-65 (not really an age limit, but from the age of 25 we're thinking).

Technical staff, set designer, make-up artist, interested to become part of the future film and creative team? Apply! The aim is however that we'll work with actors from the 1980s from particular shows for leading roles and freelance actors/staff. But since it's a big project, we need a wide variety of options and available people: so this is your chance!


Would you like to apply for either of these positions? Apply here below using the application form. Please be aware that it might take a while to get a response on your application.

For consideration you will be asked to send an CV when we get in touch with you.