Entertain your kids during lockdown (and yourself)

Entertain your kids during a lockdown (and yourself) + Learn New Skills!


How to entertain your kids during a lockdown? How do you do it? You don’t want to hear them screaming, those disappointing eyes facing you and waiting bored on the sofa, watching another show that they’ve seen already.

You’re being challenged as a parent. The lockdown has got you trapped and while you follow the rules, it’s not easy.

Because, you have work to do too and organise everything in the house. You can keep them easily entertained for hours with their iPad, but there are more ways.

Let’s get to them!

Below we have compiled a list of YouTubers for you and your kids.



Stuck inside. But what can kids do? One thing that can happen is that children are going to think creatively. This happens mostly when they are bored, can’t see their friends or the iPad may not even do the trick anymore. Creativity is certainly a fantastic skill to have and is only going to come in handy. It’s not just for when they might enter creative businesses, but every sector needs creativity. It’s a problem-solution skill. Something that is to be valued.

First of all, what can they do? How to prevent boredom?

  • Children are the most natural storytellers, so you can have them write a story, prepare a play and let them perform.
  • You can have them create their own show, by encouraging them to design the cards and then host their own show.
  • While you can’t visit the elderly now, you can write them a card. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way

These things can happen:

  • You give them a daily fun activity which is great for their mood
  • You can be incredibly surprised, you might even discover a new skill they have. A skill, which you knew nothing about!
  • They make you laugh, which is great for you
  • They make you forget your worries for a few minutes, which helps you relax

Below we have compiled a list of YouTubers for you and your kids. 



While physical gatherings are out of the question, there are a few ways to have kids connect with their friends and family.

  • Skype
  • FaceTime
  • Houseparty: it’s an app to stay connected. It shows who’s online and then they can talk to their friends and play games with them
  • Writing a letter they can design themselves and send to their friends and family members
  • E-mail
  • Social media

Below we have compiled a list of YouTubers for you and your kids. 



It’s your challenge: to keep your kids entertained. That will require creative thinking, but we have more ideas for you.

This quarantine is scary, overwhelming and there’s no telling where it’s going to go. One thing we must keep intact: joy and humour. It’s likely it is the last thing on your mind, but really, the only thing that gets us through the very long days. Below we have ideas that can cause some laughs.


  • You can introduce your children to shows you used to watch, for example, this is a fun activity to show them what you used to enjoy!
  • On YouTube, there are several parents with incredibly creative solutions to keep children entertained. This is a great tip which we have explained this week as well: LadBaby from YouTube.
  • There are several storytellers active now, including us to entertain kids around the world. From dramatic readings to animation and a simple story to tell which takes the pressure off of you a bit.

Below we have compiled a list of YouTubers for you and your kids. Plus more options! 



There’s no reason for kids to get behind on schoolwork because a lot is happening online. So many people; official tutor or not, can help you out.

Does your child struggle with reading? In order to solve this, you can find someone to create a reading exercise. Language? Then, there are tons of creative thinkers who can make learning fun and exciting!

You can find on YouTube several YouTubers with tips, tools and material. Do you need more help? Then we’d like to refer you to several freelance websites and as you can guess, we can help out too!

In order to help children with reading, we create reading exercises to help them.


Tip! For you and your children, this might be just the perfect time to focus on learning a new skill.

You can learn a lot for free.

YouTubers for Kids: Education & Entertainment

Most kids have schoolwork to do, but after that, what do they do with the rest of the day? They want to enjoy themselves. A simple fix when you have work to do at home or you want to entertain yourself for a bit.

Here are YouTubers that can entertain your kids (safely indoors), because safety should be your top priority!

StoryTime at Awnie’s House

Awnie reads books aloud for kids. The videos are between a few minutes up to twelve minutes, which is great for kids with a short attention span. Furthermore, reading and being read stories is great for development! Also, it’s a fantastic initiative from Awnie to get kids in touch with literature and books. =

Disney & Cartoon Channels

You may not have access to a streaming service, or you’re just not satisfied by its content. Or you have heard ”let it go” enough.

Then you might want to dive into these channels, who have cartoons and Disney films and shows on their channels.

  • Entertaining videos: a large selection of Donald Duck, songs and Disney cartoons like Donald Duck, which will undoubtedly entertain your kids
  • Peppa Pig: the official Peppa Pig channel. They also have Live stream of Peppa Pig episodes, which will make your kids feel less alone because they won’t be watching alone
  • YouTube movie options: shops are closed, but you can still buy movies online so your kids can watch them directly. YouTube has the option available to you


YouTubers for you



A genius from the UK, but really it’s his whole family that bring you the laughs. LadBaby himself is known for incredibly creative, smart and funny ways to save money. And have fun!

They have enough content to keep you going for hours. Since the YouTubers behind LadBaby are parents themselves. They can help you out with inexpensive ways to entertain kids. They know what you’re experiencing.

Talk Show Hosts – YouTube!

You’re not alone, at home. And the great thing is, there is no need to feel that way.

Jimmy Kimmel

The American talk show host who brings lots of joy and laughter is still working. Like you, from the comfort of his home.

Jimmy Fallon

Not to be confused with Jimmy Kimmel. because Jimmy Fallon is there for you too.

Graham Norton

The official channel of The Graham Norton Show has a large collection of videos to keep the laughs coming.


Staying home, you might not feel joyful. And you want to feel better. Getting a rush of laughter, just to get your mind off the craziness.

Comedians have a crucial role in the world in the coming months, if not year. You need humour in order to keep this up. Therefore, we have made a list of comedians who have a large number of videos that keep you entertained for hours. For free!

Michael McIntyre

A British comedian, truly skilled in making the ordinary, daily things incredibly funny. The things you don’t even think about. Situations you don’t even consider to be remotely humorous. Well, Michael McIntyre does. He has an extensive catalogue on YouTube, countless videos for you to enjoy!

Jack Whitehall

We adore British comedy, because the British know how it must be done. Jack Whitehall is your go-to-guy when you feel a bit cheeky.

He has a large range of videos, you’re sure of a laugh.

Make laughing your workout, while you stay home!


Learning a new skill – Free Ways


Learning something new doesn’t have to cost you anything. You only need time and effort.

Whether you always work from home or you’re in (self) quarantine, you can perfectly upgrade your skills from home. There’s no need to go anywhere or to spend any money at all.

Here are some free ways where you can learn a new skill (or to upgrade the skills you already have). For example, you can put these skills to good use in order to keep your head above water. It’s a challenge to avoid becoming broke, which is why it’s worth it to invest in learning a new skill now!


Some call it a waste of time and lacking quality, but it’s really a free online university. You get advice from the pro’s: people who are leading in the industry and who have the experience, even making an income from their skill. You can learn anything you want, from knowledge about languages, design to

Tip! In order to find a YouTuber with a skill you want to train or gain: stick to keywords. Also get through a couple of YouTubers, then you get in your recommended list YouTubers you’re looking for.

Ted Talks

With over 16 million subscribers, Ted Talks has proved herself. There is a massive amount of knowledge, for you to learn a new skill or upgrade it.

Ted Talks are easy to follow and packed with practical and useful knowledge, advice and insights. And the Ted Talks on YouTube are free. These are really lectures, where you can be part of. From the comfort of your own home. It’s impossible to link just one genre to Ted Talks, they have countless speakers from a large variety: making it a top-notch place to learn!



Podcasts have been a hit for a little while now. And because they’re incredibly insightful and non-visual, you are forced to focus.

We’re a fan of Stitcher because you can listen on your laptop or desktop to the podcasts. They also have an app, but when you’re working at home, it’s more practical to listen to podcasts on your device. Phones tend to distract, which is something you can’t use when you have work to do.

Every week we challenge ourselves, listening to two podcasts a day. Soak up that information. Learn a new skill. Become successful!

Tip! Get the most out of the podcasts by making notes what you’re learning. Ask yourself, “what are they telling me? How can I apply this?”

Then brainstorming with yourself. What have I learned and what can I do?


Book Tip for Adults:


We’re known as the publisher of the Business Wise series. A set of glamorous, entertaining and exciting stories that focuses on two Australian families. Above all, that’s something we understand.

You don’t have to be bored, because the first three parts are available worldwide. Be entertained, become successful!

Tip! For your safety and everyone else’s, it’s recommended to buy eBooks instead of paperbacks/hardcovers. It’s a precaution, so you don’t risk waiting for weeks, if not months due to global lockdowns. Another reason to buy eBooks, you can support small publishers and indie authors.

Buy now!     

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How it works


  1. Buy online
  2. Be entertained
  3. Become successful




Are you in for a laugh, because we have got some tips for you! Normally, we’re against challenges, which is for reasons of health and safety. This is a once-off because we’ve found safe challenges that require nothing much. What you need is a stomach that can handle laughter. However, there’s something to these challenges: some can’t do them. Can you?


The Flex Challenge

Let’s start with the Flex Challenge. Some people can do it, but others can’t. It’s a matter of how flexible you are.

You have to lay down on your stomach, face down with your hands behind your back. Above all, this is how you start.

Then you stand up, without rolling over and you can’t use your hands. Good luck!


The Chair Challenge


What do you need for this? A chair. How to do this challenge?

You do it by picking up the chair to your chest. Remember, your head is lightly pressed to a door or wall. The challenge is about standing up straight. Can you?

Your safety is not our responsibility. Use common sense.