Going Back To The 1980s

In November 2018, the very start of our company. It seems such a long time ago since it’s been this far, already quite a journey to grow, expand and learn. As an entrepreneur, publisher, author and creator of content: written work with other activities as well, YHP has grown a lot, but mostly learned a lot. We keep on learning.

There was a lot to be done, especially figuring out the precise business culture and our focus. We keep going, because we definitely are not there yet.

Since we started with Yarrow House Publishing (under a different imprint) we had a very clear goal and focus in mind. What will make YHP different from all those publishers out there? Whether it’s an ambitious self-publisher, a developing small-publisher or a publisher belonging to either The Big Five or another large Publisher: we all have our focus, what we look for, want and our own way with communication, collaboration, business culture more.

It’s the most important thing that it’s clear: we do things differently. That is mainly due to our own experience and preference.


Why The Focus On The 1980s?


You might have noticed the mention of the 1980s by us. Wondered why? The 1980s is for us probably the greatest era, ever. Not just in terms of fashion (to be debated about), music (don’t deny it) and entertainment industry that has given us a lot of great material, that we still enjoy today.

We also mean it in terms of culture and communication. Of course it’s crucially important to grow and accept the things that today’s modern world has to offer, but there are also things that either have disappeared are well under way to completely disappear. For modern reasons they do, but specific things, details, values and elements should stay, at least in a way. Our focus is on the 1980s for our pride with a very particular series. The Business Wise Series, written by M.B. Clarke. The book reflects a lot of our preferences, our main focus and the entertainment factor that in our opinion, is lacking in the book market, but also in the industries. To get back to Why The Focus On The 1980s? not just about what was hot in the 1980s, but in other eras as well. The 1980s is considered by us as the era closest to today’s modern world, meeting our guidelines, house style guide, formula, focus and matches with our company as a whole. Culturally seen and historically, it’s also the era when making a career is enhanced and when today’s culture was shaped. It’s important to know that we miss and feel a real lack in the entertainment industry, today, in terms of on-screen productions and this also applies to the book market. To sum it up: we are taking you back to the 1980s in particular details, with our company and you will also notice it in our publications. At least the fiction publications must meet every single guideline of our publishing company.


A Little About Business Wise


Have you heard about Business Wise yet? You might have heard about it on a podcast of IHeartRadio, social media or saw it pop by on one of the distribution channels we work with.

In one sentence: going back to the 1980s. Yes! And we’re very excited about that one. It’s our pride and joy.

With Business Wise you’re taken back to the era of the (greatest, to be debated about) fashion, style and details, while you’re taken into the world of two Australian families. Let us introduce you to the Gallagher family and the Garrisons who take centre stage in this novel.

Glamour, business and a compelling (ongoing) storyline is included with enough characters to keep up with.

When you look you’re not getting that 1980s vibe, but it all makes sense once you’re in it. What do you see? Just one blue flower?

Blue has a meaning, like every colour and the five leaves of the flower represent the elements of the story. And when you look closer, you see within the blue flower a white flower and that represents something else.



Your Favourite 1980s Element


The 1980s isn’t just a particular trend or style. It’s the combination of all those things that together make it such a special era. The era we still (can) enjoy. Music that doesn’t get out of style, tv-shows and movies that don’t lose their touch and fashion that keeps making a comeback even when critics tell us firmly it has no place in a modern day society where proper style is a priority.

What comes to mind with you when thinking about the 1980s?

Is it primarily a particular show for you that you might still watch, music that has to be played, or any other detail you must have or is a must-have? Let us know on social media!