How to be productive during lockdown?

How to do it?

How to be productive during lockdown? That’s your challenge.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a job, are in school or looking for a job. You are struggling to be productive during lockdown.

This situation we’re in isn’t helping anyone. But, when you can, you actually are able to make it productive. We’ll show you how. Let’s get to work!

The Best Ways: How to be productive during lockdown

When we’re in our normal routine we know how. We go to work and check our tasks off the list.

Only that, is being complicated. You may not have to go to work, you have duties and you’d like to make your lockdown productive. After all, nobody is looking to be lazy.

You want to keep up, so you don’t have double the work once lockdown is part of history.


This is the ideal time to focus on developing your skills. For your career and yourself.

The economy is uncertain, but you can create more security for yourself. It can cost money, but it doesn’t have to cost you anything but effort. A few tips for you.

Focus on developing a skill that is in demand. Not just to make your profit, but also to have the resources and access.

Do you want to develop a skill, but you don’t know which one? We have found skills that are in demand now and also made a guide that makes it easy for you to teach yourself!


  • You will be able to monetise your skill
  • Remember that some skills never go out of style
  • Learning a new skill means that you are ahead of everyone else!
  • Spending an hour a day developing your skill gives structure to your day


When you have work to do, from home it’s important to focus on your productivity.

These tips help us during the day:

  • Google Chrome has extensions that prevent you from surfing the internet, you can add any website you want. The ones that decrease your productivity. Do you tend to read the news more often than you’d like? Shop for those expensive shoes you can’t afford and you can’t wear anyway now? Do you check social media too often? The Google Chrome extensions will help you prevent this!
  • Pre-prepare your breakfast and lunch. We have found out that having to interrupt our tasks and schedule right in the middle of a busy schedule is horrible for productivity. So we prepare it all advance. There’s then no need to stop work or delay break-time (which isn’t great either). Pre-prepare! Then you simply can take your break accordingly and give yourself a break. Plus! You prevent going overboard with your downtime.
  • Can’t you bring yourself to focus? We use multiple hacks. For example, apps on our phone to force us to focus. A mindset hack: “tell yourself, just five minutes.” This helps to get into your work zone.


You may not even consider this as productive, but it is a crucial element of productivity. You need to unwind, be able to imagine, so you can give it your all.

We mustn’t stress ourselves out: relax and enjoy your entertainment. In that we do our job. Here you can find entertainment: books, online travelling, the sweetest live streams, quizzes and more! Prioritise entertainment, it’s for the good of your productivity.

This is simply because the right entertainment provides:

  • Surprise
  • Intrigue
  • Relaxation
  • Imagination

And it leads to:

  • Effective goal-setting
  • Increased focus
  • Inspiration
  • Imagination
  • More productivity

Therefore be sure you have the right entertainment to read, watch and listen to. You need the entertainment that sets you up for success.

Plan your day

In the evening, plan your day. Include must-do tasks, your preferred entertainment and aspirational tasks. For example, a skill you want to develop further.

Challenge yourself: know what tasks you want to get done, but to make it exciting you can also include tasks that will require you to be more productive.

To reward yourself, allow yourself a treat. Actually, treat yourself every day. But see a finished task as an extra treat.

Favourite treats:
  • A new book
  • Watching that show you had on your list
  • Self-care regime: going to your home-spa (this is great to read with your caviar, champagne or cup of tea)
Productivity Tips
  • Prepare your day ahead
  • Divide your tasks time-wise: which task takes 5-15 minutes, 1 hour and which task will take you the most time?
  • Schedule entertainment time
  • Do you have a task that is extensive? Divide them and pre-prepare them. Then once you get to work, you have clarified it for yourself!
  • Use apps and extensions to avoid distraction

Remember, you are not alone during lockdown. We are here for you and on your team.

From entertainment to tips. This can be your most productive time!

how to be productive during lockdown