How to stay calm during lockdown and social distancing?

How to stay calm during lockdown?

We feel the same way: how to stay calm during lockdown?! Not only are people’s lives in danger and our own health.

But, we are also missing out on spending time with our favourite people, being at our desired places and being unable to explore the world. All when you had just planned to be on a luxurious, ideal place with a drink in your hand and all the excitement to explore.

Others are losing their jobs and we see the economy collapse. Perhaps you are one of them already.

But it’s our duty to stick it out. Because we need each other (fully healthy) so we can build the economy up all over again.

And while you stick to the rules which will help to keep yourself and others safe: we are here to offer you relief. Because you are not alone. We need to do this together while staying apart.

We help with your question: how to stay calm during lockdown. Breaking it down, giving tips and offering relief. This is teamwork. No need for worry, above all we are professional entertainers. This is what we do.

What keeps us from staying calm

The overwhelming crisis keeps us from staying calm. But there are more things that keep you from staying calm. And you can actually control them (for a part). Therefore, to help you we give you tips what you can do to stay calm.

  • We don’t know what’s coming

When will this crisis stop? What is it going to take? How will it affect us? What do I need to do to? This all doesn’t help you when you are figuring out how to stay calm during lockdown.

But, these are natural questions. We all have them, but focusing on them 24/7 keeps us from staying cool.

It’s important to know that we will get out of this crisis. It will happen, but in order to do so, we need to act accordingly. No travelling, physical contact, parties. For now, we must make do with online parties, everything online.

This coronavirus crisis will take a while, way longer than the fairy tale predictions of before summer.

It’s unlikely we will celebrate our vacations with a Pina Colada in our hand. A rosé. The non-alcoholic drink that makes us cooler. We can say we will help you during summer too and you can already travel online here, with our guide. In addition, we have exciting stories and books when you are ready to dive in!


  • What does this do to us?

All these questions, emotions and lack of knowledge doesn’t help our:

  • Anxiety
  • Agitation
  • Frustration
  • Anger

how to stay calm during lockdownhow to stay calm during lockdown

But. Let’s turn it around. Let’s focus on something else because you can do it. We can be calm. And guess what? You can enjoy yourself, while you stay home.


  • What/who will get me through this?

You are forced to be creative. Innovative. Smart.

How to do that? We are on your team. We will show you the way. In other words: we can act as your all-inclusive go-to person.


You rule! This is how you stay cool

Note: if you are social distancing with your household (girlfriend/boyfriend/roommates/husband) we have a special post. With your kids? Refer to this post!

  • Refrain from the news

We do it too: looking up the latest news updates. But, it only makes it worse because your focus goes to how the numbers are getting worse and new predictions are remaining vague or too good to be true. They can’t tell you yet how it will look. We can only do our bit, wait and be patient (without becoming one).


  • Find entertainment that soothes you

You may not feel like laughing, because you’re hardly in the mood for the heavy entertainment. This is a cliff hanger, a horror story, you can’t use all that. You are already in one.

Meanwhile, you definitely don’t want to be bored in the hours you would normally spend with your friends and family.

We don’t do all that anyway. We don’t bore, we entertain you. There’s no need for concern about horror stories, crime and unfulfilling tales.

It’s about your entertainment and doing that in the most exciting and entertaining way we have created for you.

Then, you also need the entertainment to soothe you. To show you it’s going to be alright.

To take your mind off things, off of this horrible crisis. Take you into a different world. We tick that box. And especially now we are on your team 24/7, worldwide.

And what you also need are the entertainers that make you laugh. Because you can train your stomach, but do you know the best training of all? Laughter. Uncontrollable laughter. The kind that doesn’t make you go he-he, but makes you realise you are actually laughing like that emoticon you send your friends when that funny meme pops up again.


  • Focus on your work and tasks – for tips on how: we have these posts!

Do you have work? Let’s make it a productive day. Have you got tasks laying around in the house you wanted to do? Let’s make it as fun as possible. It’s good to do that, because this all shifts your focus from being busy relentlessly with the crisis.

  • Learn something new

While you are home you can actually open a lot of doors for yourself. Online. Without risking putting yourself or other’s health on the line.

It doesn’t have to cost you anything at all. You will surprise yourself with how much you can do. What you are capable of. Soak up that information and put it to your advantage!

Pros: excite yourself with a new set of skills and perhaps, even gain more job security!

Tip! On our YouTube channel Yarrow House we are there to teach you too. Check it out and surprise yourself, (your boss) and everyone around you with a new set of skills!

  • Stay connected and spread some joy

Do you miss your friends and family? You can’t visit them, but you can check upon them. And have fun. Host a House party! Ehm.. hello? Are you crazy?!

We know, we do. This is an app that keeps you in touch, the fun way. Not just calling, but games as well! And not just one person at a time, you can cater to a number of your friends. Have fun!

  • Exercise at home

It’s great for the excess of anxiety and frustration you may have. You don’t even have to go to the gym or outside to get rid of it.

Because you must: stay right at home! Squats in your bedroom stretches in the bathroom and dancing in the kitchen.

Juggling with the toilet rolls (), exercising with the books you are about to read and how about a plank in between binge-reading/watching?


Pros: stay fit and get yourself ready one year in advance! Train online with the Olympic Athletes!

Then, in 2021 you can show off not only your achievements but your knowledge, excitement and imagination as well!


What else can I do?

We got some tips for you! Keep an eye on our YouTube channel, social media and this blog because we have more to alleviate the fog.

Finally, we hope we have given you tips, tools and entertainment hints. Hopefully, you know how to stay calm during lockdown.

Remember, you are not alone and it will be okay.

how to stay calm during lockdown