Business Wise - Part One

M.B. Clarke
A glamorous tale of wealth and business rivalry in Sydney

It's the glamorous 1980s in Sydney and two powerful families, the Gallaghers and Garrisons, clash over business and personal affairs. Rivalry runs deep and the new generation, Ryan Gallagher and Stewart Garrison, seem poised to carry on the family feud. The conflict begins to spread in unexpected ways, in this stylish world of international business and elegant living. Stewart is married and sees himself as better than Ryan, who is still single. Ryan is very picky when it comes to girls. He takes the feud, his career and his role in the Gallagher family very seriously. He knows the girl he chooses must be almost perfect. Both families resort to questionable tactics to get exactly what they want in business, using their good connections to full advantage. The bitter feud between the wealthy, privileged families shows no sign of stopping. Pressure builds when they both compete for the same deal. Who will win? So much is at stake!