Ricky Gervais - Why we need the ones that dare

Ricky Gervais – Why we need the ones who dare

Ricky Gervais – Why we need the ones who dare

Ricky Gervais, why we need the ones who dare. Speaker of the House? Definitely a speaker during the Golden Globes who doesn’t hold himself back. And I applaud him for the courage and truly going for it. But, and here we go: for those taking offence? Is it going too far? That is personal, but people are certainly making themselves known with either approval or disapproval. Oh, the beauty of expression and comedy is part of that.


“A comedian has mastered the craft of self-expression or is simply smart in what she or he shows.”


Why do we need the ones who dare?


In this day and age everything can be or is either automatically offensive. In writing books, we especially have to watch it. We must be extremely aware, up to a fearful degree: expression, creativity and the entertainment industry has become …. Correction: is changing continuously. We can only create according to its creative guidelines, that goes against what creativity is: self-expression. Then we don’t truly express ourselves.

While it is exactly the industry where freedom of speech, expression should be.

Of course there are boundaries and we celebrate that, because there are reasons for that. But what about it prevents? Can we say something, at least? Actually, no. In terms of eras and change: give it some time and it’s allowed again. OR, this is the change: we can’t even say something again, because generations are changing and especially the new (my own) generation is highly sensitive.

Not that we would ever publish hate of some sort, but offence can be found in the things that up until a few years ago wasn’t even considered that way.


Before social media


I can hardly remember and it’s a shame social media has taken over so much. And this comes from me, the someone who should love every second of it. I should be addicted to it, have FOMO (Fear of missing out) and keep an eye out for the baby boomers and blame them for every problem. Actually, the baby boomer generation is most likely, closest to where I connect with the most.


How did people connect before social media? In a totally different way and on a shockingly different level that wouldn’t be oh-so-bad if it made a comeback.

Face to face, eloquently expressing themselves in newspapers and willing to explain in interviews, actual conversations and letters.

It has taken over so much. Have you tried to write an actual letter and send it non-electronically? I did and that was it. Nothing.

Social media is really … truly .. not a fantastic way. What does it do? Create division, separation and doesn’t open up. Eloquence: I am, I try, but I don’t see it with others. Social media is the equivalence of offence taken in comedians like Ricky Gervais. The conclusion? Way too much offence, no awareness of eloquence and not for one minute considering the power of comedy.



Comedy leads us to…


Creativity, expressing yourself, creating and showing, brings us together. The world, us as humans. When we have something to laugh about, we can connect. Where there is beauty, we get together to appreciate. Is there something going on that requires unity, we get there together.

What does comedy do? Exactly that. Comedy creates laughter, unity, connection, thanks to the beauty of expression and the comedian’s creation. Above all, it opens up a dialogue.

Change, if you’re looking for that, doesn’t happen through complaining, change can only ever happen once there is a dialogue, a conversation between at least two parties who allow each other to express themselves respectfully. And then we can work out a way, a solution if it applies and re-connect, re-evaluate and re-consider.

There are so many beautiful things that can come from the creators as a whole, but comedy especially.

In times of despair, while it’s often painful, we need comedy, creation to hold onto. “As long as you can keep smiling,” and it’s all too true.


Ricky Gervais: the one who dares – and why he’s very much needed, especially now


Let’s get at it. So, what does Ricky do? – Refusing precisely, what others do: adapting themselves to every detail. In terms of creativity and self-expression: you’re taking away the creativity from yourself and self expression? It’s no longer your self-expression. You express what others want you to express. Again: not meaning the expression of hate, but talking about tiniest bits of offence, those nitty-gritty details. Mostly found it comedy. Comedy can’t be anything for those.

Ricky Gervais is a prime example of a comedian who dares, doesn’t hold himself back and refuses to re-evaluate. He is 1000% the true comedian he presented himself as.

The Golden Globes? Not a problem whatsoever. Comedy is a performing writer, actor and director and they need freedom of creativity and expression.


Why do we need him and why now?


The entertainment industry is going through a massive change, everyone seems to take offence in almost anything. If not everything. Comedians today seem almost forced to have a lawyer sit backstage.

Creative expression and its freedom? Hardly visible, except for Ricky Gervais. He shows as one of few, if not the only one, that we should be allowed to express ourselves. Expressing creativity is however something totally different from expressing hate, division and those horrid things. This is not where I’m speaking about here. It’s about what we’re allowed today as creatives. People working in the entertainment industry. We can hardly do anything and I, myself, have been forced to change books, entire storylines with details that might, very well may offend. Not even about hate, but because it brings us back to a different time. My creative expression is hardly there. And there are already so many people who tell what we can express. Most importantly, what we are allowed to express. As a creative myself in this industry, I applaud Ricky. He gives me that bit of confidence, reduces the fear that others instil on me. Including the press. To not be forced to produce, create and share what others demand.

Other factors of comedy

You might think, Ricky Gervais, he makes it worse. Or, he doesn’t add any value.

Comedy has other factors besides bringing people together and opening up a dialogue. Sometimes, for lots often, we need to be able to laugh, to enjoy ourselves for once. To be taken back or brought to a different time and situation. At the cost of others? Can’t comedy be about something else? That’s the creative expression. Every form of creative: whether it’s books, movies, tv-shows or a performance.

I ask you: be careful when you take offence. We do our part. Us, creatives would like to express ourselves. There’s no one size fits all in this industry. Creations are for a variety of people. We share for all those. And if you’ll have us, you’ll be part of it. In order to do so, we need to be allowed to express ourselves and use our creativity.


What do I create?

A lot of things that you won’t find online, in the way I create and share. Its designs, since YHP and I personally collaborate with creators aren’t the usual. I’d like to stay true, real and the creative expression also counts for anyone I work with. 

The red pen of the editor is controlled as well. Of course free of error, but allowing creative expression, so it’s not controlled by a self-proclaimed pro nor a corporate. I create what seems hardly done nowadays. Historical fiction, the unusual. But also, creating solutions, providing them. Take a peek, or if you’re a professional yourself, find out how I can help you along!