Yarrow House Publishing
Types of services
Whether you're a writer seeking help, individual looking for assistance
or a business after feedback and new insights, check out what we do!
YHP is in short in: publishing, production, screenwriting, business as a whole
and providing services to creatives, individuals and businesses as a whole.
How working with YHP works?
Communication First
How YHP's services work?
If you are certain you can book an appointment directly,
it's however proven the best way to go to discuss your project first.
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Taking the next step? We offer various services: manuscript assessments, proofreading, feedback (following our support guidelines) and publishing support.

We offer: translating and proofreading translations for the Dutch and English language.

Screenwriting and production assistance services: helping you with all the details and phases of producing. From the concept, to writing a screenplay to sharing it with the world! As individual writing screenplays as well, so 100% in the industry. Connected to the network for international screenwriters and having connections to creatives.

Services for individuals and businesses: form planning, budgeting and feedback, troubleshooting and brainstorming. For actors offering assistance to find casting calls.

All in all: continuously learning, mostly by doing and putting it all into practice.  With an ever-growing list of connections and knowledge, here to help you!

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