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How one show can change everything: The Flying Doctors

The Flying Doctors

What show has changed everything for you?

For me, the number one show worthy of recognition, which is ranking very high in the top three: The Flying Doctors.

Does it ring a bell? Maybe because of nostalgia?


I was introduced to The Flying Doctors by coincidence, with no fan in my surroundings, the show captivated me at a young age.

Medical drama at a young age. A kids show, simply didn’t do it.

When the show was no longer broadcast, I was desperate looking for the show: because where could I possibly find that show?

A replacement wasn’t there: not a single one, even came nor has any show ever come remotely close to The Flying Doctors.

Finding it in writing, creating myself something new here and there.

I was writing, but by far, not to the extent as when I started to write non-stop in my teens.

The Flying Doctors? Yes, still watching. Every single day, even a picture, is enough. What it is? I’m still working it out.

A show gives a certain feeling, nostalgia, which is certainly when writing in a genre or about a topic, or in daily life, soothing.


Shaming for adoring the previous


Who watches them now? Precisely, hardly anybody, or it is watched but it’s actually seen as we shouldn’t.

Personally, I have an aversion for saying old-fashioned, or using the word old. I don’t. It shouldn’t be considered old. Especially since almost everything about the show is still relevant and I know this won’t change.

Old-fashioned? But looking at elements of any show and what influences you see: they make their comeback continuously. It’s never out of style.

I say: the previous. Accurate, because ever since The Flying Doctors a true great show that hits all the right notes for me, hasn’t been made.  I often got and still get comments like “old” and “why would you watch that”?

It has lots, if not all elements I consider important and that are crucial for any show to even be successful. Seeing the show is still watched, hints on its success in the eighties and nineties.

Adoring the previous, appreciating every single day what the show’s brought. They have drawn me to the entertainment industry. And I’m here to entertain: the very core of Yarrow House Publishing and of every project that I work on.


Learning the industry


The Flying Doctors started everything, from its actors to the people behind the show that create: storylines.

When I could no longer watch the show and I had yet to find the show back, I slowly found the replacement in writing.

I started directly on ideas I immediately got, but it wasn’t working. Dutch? English? I constantly went back to The Flying Doctors.

It started to get better when I was first writing lots about The Flying Doctors, which I still do. Then slowly applying what I’ve learnt, found out what works, into different stories. No, not taking, but learning from the show. The tiniest details: what makes a good story, what keeps us hooked?

The Flying Doctors and I’m sure other shows can teach you a lot about elements of writing. Character development, conflict and finding your writing style, also figuring out which genre is your genre. Mine? Not even one genre, I have created my own unique mix.

As I kept writing with the guidance from the show, now for roughly over than nine years if not more, I found out lots of things.

For me, it means that I’m unable to write anything that’s not belonging to or containing a mix of elements that I need.




How do you go about writing or maybe you’re a Flying Doctors appreciator/1980s appreciator?

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