The Flying Doctors

The Flying Doctors  – How well do you know the show, really?


We are one of you. We love it too: the show of all shows. The Flying Doctors.

1980s perfection and don’t you dare put it down as old, because the 1980s are back and here to stay. You can read here why and how.

Were you wondering, how is my knowledge about the show matching up? You can find the quiz below!

But first, let’s properly introduce you.

The Flying Doctors

Australian Perfection

It’s the 1980s and a magnificent show is created in the Australian sun.

In other words: a tv-show that many people watch, yes, today. Above all, the Australian hit is 100% relevant.

The show remains the most valued. Because it has everything a successful show must have.

Firstly, you get to know the characters. Ranging from the doctors, nurses to the residents and all the patients that are part of the area The Flying Doctors covers.

Secondly, the show brings joy and anyone who has seen it won’t close their eyes when it’s on.

Finally, no matter how many times you watch it, the show remains exciting. Years of watching it and still: not bored. Excited, entertained and eager to see more.

Now tell us, that isn’t an achievement to admire?

The Quiz

Are you convinced? Do you tell any fan you know more than them?

Well, you can find out, right here. By a fan, for fans, because we don’t ask you the simple questions.

If you get anything wrong, you have yet another legitimate excuse to watch and find out!

The Flying Doctors - How much do you know?!

The Flying Doctors: the show of the 1980s! How much do you know? Let's test your knowledge! 
In David’s first episode, he clashes with Geoff and Chris. What experience does David even have to have such a firm opinion on the topic and what does he even say?
Why does Guy start working in Coopers Crossing anyway?
Where is Sam? In a number of episodes it’s only Emma.
Who is Richard?
How does DJ get his job at the base?
Why is David so admired by Len and Hannah Robson what is it exactly he did?
Jackie is convinced Guy has misdiagnosed a young girl. What does Guy originally think she has?
Who of the TFD cast have worn the same clothes?
What is the reason the people turn on Chris after her arrival. She is new, but what is the other reason they don't trust her yet?
What is eventually the biggest issue Dr Miller faces when David confronts him and fights for a patient of his, David believes he isn’t doing enough for?
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The Flying Doctors - How much do you know?!
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Lover of The Flying Doctors?

You miss the style, the 1980s and you wish the Australian show made their comeback. But, what if we told you: they are?

Therefore, we introduce Business Wise.

It includes:

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The Flying DoctorsThe Flying Doctors