The Golden Globes 2020

The Golden Globes 2020

The Golden Globes 2020

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The Golden Globes 2020

Welcome and let’s discuss the Golden Globes 2020! A new year, new recommendations based on the awards.  Not simply saying they’re great because they have received the appropriate amount of attention, but really saying they’re worth it by looking at the content. Instead of rating every motion picture individually, I thought it would be a nice thing to do it differently. Therefore, I focus on those motion pictures that have elements in common with our publications, creative work and intended productions. And, discuss the industry with you.

They haven’t all won, one that should have won I have included because it is an element that YHP finds important. Let’s go: The Golden Globes 2020!


We’re taken back to World War I with 1917. British soldiers are tasked with a mission to deliver a message, to prevent disastrous events from happening. Its potential events carries even more disaster that can unravel, if these brave men can’t succeed.

Sam Mendes

It’s a difficult, yet crafty task to put together such a creation that speaks to viewers. Those viewers, me, are fortunate enough to have no idea nor reference (not all of us). Especially with a film like 1917 as they have proved, to be in possession of a screenplay that’s worth mentioning on its own. Then translating that to the screen, it’s to be appreciated and respected.


Why it’s a must-see

Even the trailer on its own is more than worth watching. But, what is of prime-importance is the why-question. Why are war movies out there? For the very simple reason to be aware, to respect history and its place it holds in societies and industries. The uniqueness of the entertainment industry is that we have the privilege to tell stories, our own or the ones that are engraved in our history books, character and that have shaped us. With 1917, within the first minute, seeing the prime-elements of society: sticking together and providing. Sticking together, the only thing that has assured us of being a unit. And what we all tell each other.

Especially with the changing generations, even my own, who don’t seem to care much at all and only shaming and blaming previous generations and eras, it’s crucially important to show and give them a look into what has occurred. And that directly resonates with society, problems and struggles. We’re in this together.



As for Harriet, let’s stick to the story. The story behind Harriet Tubman, who courageously has done the kind of something which has shaped history significantly. It’s no glamorous story with grace and beauty, but it is an appeal. In this industry in particular glamorous stories can soothe us, but films like Harriet is what we need.

This also counts for 1917, Harriet as well: they provide us with reality and see the kind often enough we’re out of touch with. Generations have changed and we’re experiencing again another shift. More change. Requests for drastic change. Now. It’s not a drastic change we need, it’s a re-newed and perhaps old-fashioned approach, acknowledgement and constructive solutions. Harriet is one of the few films that prove: history is crucial. It’s truly a shame that Harriet hasn’t been rightfully awarded. I do award Harriet and the amazing actors who have translated history onto the screen.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Every single one of us is taken back to the kind Hollywood was before. Not the one we’re familiar with today. It’s 1969 and the Golden Age of Hollywood is pretty much over and done with. The pro’s still part of the industry, have trouble fitting in when Hollywood is experiencing all the change.


Quentin Tarantino

There are lots of producers and screenwriters out there, one of which I am one. But, rarely I have come across such a fascinating professional. Mr Tarantino has managed to put together a motion picture that makes you want to watch over and over again. We’re taken back to an era that is a mix of fascination, history, glamour and change. Something that is very relevant today and also for every industry needing to apply the necessary change.


The story & why it’s important

As far as the movie goes, it’s a work of art and time-wise a perfect fit. Every single industry goes through change and review themselves constantly to stay in business.

The tv and film industry is one of the few one of those that’s the most sensitive, breakable and tense. Every era has its conflicts, problems, struggles, which seem to match with another era. We’re re-experiencing it and it’s precisely why Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is very rightfully awarded.


In common with YHP

There are only these three that have the most in common what we publish and create ourselves. In sets of two words: the overlooked and the underappreciated. Or showing what we need to see, as is the case with Harriet: knowing from where we once started. That there is work to do, every day. Everywhere actually. To explain it more clearly: these films show the importance of real stories, what we can learn from them and exactly why they must be told. As for war, we must be aware and respect history, knowing with full awareness what happened.

Back to the big favourite: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: we need the glamour and beauty. That’s what this industry is. But we also tell stories and want to share that with all of you. We’re appreciating, acknowledging and not overlooking, but telling the story in our own unique way.

All these productions have been acknowledged, but it’s important to acknowledge productions and creations who are often overlooked. While the Golden Globes and Oscars come with the greatest perks, it’s not the golden stamp.

What did you think of The Golden Globes 2020?

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