The King Of Rock & Roll

Elvis Presley: The New Generation

Before people stood with their glasses ready to wish each other all the best for the next year in 1979, there was Elvis.

The King of Rock and Roll started a new generation of people and yes, often women, on whom he appeared to have quite the effect. Let’s not forget the men, some will even start singing one of his songs in his voice that’s impossible to imitate with feeling, passion and sense of creating.

A new generation, from which, we’re one, acquainting herself with the phenomenon, the man behind the voice, performance and part of the glamour that’s still today imitated.


Today’s new generation

Not being raised with Elvis while the glamour was still live, but connecting with his music in with the speed of his movement.

The golden era is no longer, but today’s new generation is quick to rediscover, with Elvis being simply one of those magnificent influences that shaped multiple eras.

Is it the magic, finding out about Elvis or is there an overall appreciation for the generation and are the eras before the millennium?

The New Generation: Golden Eras

Elvis founded a whole new generation of music. The King of Rock and Roll truly discovered a culture, entertainment and performance.

It’s the whole package, with not even a single element out of place.

Starting in the era that’s for many the Golden Era of Hollywood, all the way through the greatest developments: historically, culturally and beyond.

A voice that makes you pay attention, listen, while his performance and music in overall: move, dance and sing along.

The lyrics? They stick and the tunes won’t let you go.

Have you ever seen a film of Elvis? If you have, you’ll know what we’re talking about next.

If you haven’t: you’ll experience the undeniable mix of the era, brought to you by, the King when you do.

Forget complex storylines, looking for the edge in film what is the element producers and writers focus on. How far can we go?

In Elvis’ films it’s about a few things, illustrating the Golden Era just a little bit:


  • Storylines that are based on simplicity, the characters are the spotlight with lines that keep you hooked
  • Why it disappeared? We have no clear answer, but in the Golden Era there were a lot of musical films which included songs, often with a romantic note to them, adding more to the films, especially with choreography and tenderness
  • Glamour, elegance and eye for detail: when we watch classics and Elvis’ films today there are a few things that stand out when it comes to the glamour and details. There are highlights of fashion and the movements of performers is a whole lot different than today which creates the original approach to elegance and intonation, their voices adding another layer of elegance that no actor could possibly imitate


For us, those are merely the headliners why it works and why so many people went to the movies: resulting in the blockbusters.

Films made millions, which they still make today, only the glamour? The Golden Era isn’t there, nor could we possibly name the eras up to twenty years ago even silver.

The talent and the mix of Golden Era success like Elvis showed: it’s no more. People today find only a few films worth watching, while anything Elvis Presley made: a reason to go see it.


The Golden Era. Elvis Presley’s talent and influence won’t fade, just as much as the Golden Eras as a whole won’t bore anyone.

Do stay hooked because we’re under way to not imitate, but reinvent and recapture the Golden Eras.

Yes, plural! We’ll soon go more into which are the Golden Eras to us!