What To Do In Lockdown? How to Entertain Yourself?

Crash Course in Entertaining Yourself 


What to do in lockdown? How to entertain yourself? We help you! Or perhaps you’re in quarantine: all the best wishes and we’re rooting for you to get well soon.

With so much anxiety, distress and the world in lockdown (in some form), you can do your bit by simply staying home. But, for that, you need a friend, a little help.

That’s where we come in (trumpet playing) how you can entertain yourself. And in doing so, keeping others safe. Including yourself. Because while research is being done, we have a major responsibility to stay home.


E-Books are your friend – now more than ever


eBooks are around for a while, but now people must steer clear of physical contact: they save lives! You can still order books, but with new regulations, it’s not a given you will get them.

These electronic ways to read have come a long way in levels of comfort. And, they can become your best friend now, since you get them directly. No waiting. No shipping fee. Plus, it won’t get damaged by delivery.


Read on your phone or laptop


It isn’t just eReaders any longer. Both Amazon and Kobo have web apps, you don’t even need an e-reader. The great thing about using both is you can start reading on your phone and it will sync with your laptop. Meaning, you can continue reading where you left off.  Once you buy the eBook you get them on every device. You can read straightaway.

Not a minute you have to waste feeling frustrated and bored by disappointing entertainment. Especially the lack thereof.


Alternative to spice up eBooks


Especially for those who have trouble staying focused when reading or simply enjoy  Audiobooks work the same way as eBooks: you can listen to them directly.

As you get comfortable, you only have to relax and hit play.


Tips to avoid frustration


Depending on where you live, you may want to fact-check before ordering books online. Some countries are in full lockdown and all non-essential goods won’t be delivered to you. Instead, choose stores that are based in your country. Doing this helps to avoid frustration: not getting what you ordered when you need it most.


Know how you feel. Now it’s probably not a good idea to be entertained by horror. Especially because you’re already part of horror right now.

This situation is most likely going to take months, if not a year at least. Therefore, another tip! Find entertainment that soothes you, surprises you and helps you to imagine.




Here at Yarrow House Publishing, we follow various YouTubers who bring joy. Number one for us: LadBaby.

A genius from the United Kingdom. Lots of his videos involve his family and: budget-proof and even hacks to have fun.

In this time of limited options and many forced to look for the answers online, LadBaby is a great tip! We’re binging right now. Know: it doesn’t have to be expensive.


Safety tips


STAY at HOME: you have a responsibility to keep others and yourself safe. And you can do that, by staying home. We’re in this together.

Let’s make a deal, okay? You stay home and we help you to make it a little easier.

Wash your hands: wash. your. hands.

Think creative: even in your house, you must take precautions. For example use your arm to open a door, instead of your hands. Sneeze in your elbow.

Use tissue papers.

Use Debit & Credit cards: cash is out of the question now.

Virtual & online: DON’T keep in touch with your friends physically. Especially STAY AWAY from the elderly and those with fragile health.

USE social media, What’s App, FaceTime or simply call.

Shopping for groceries, lots of it can be done online. To keep everyone as safe as possible, delivery services take precautions. Do it too.

If you can’t avoid it: be SAFE about DISTANCE. Stay as far from people as possible, this means a minimum of 1,5M apart.

FOLLOW guidelines and demands from the authorities.


We’re here for you. Now you need entertainment, we’re more than happy to help you out. It’s our policy to only offer entertainment that:

Won’t disappoint you

You deserve

Will give you joy and imagination

Providing original and unique entertainment


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