What to do when Netflix is boring? 

You are watching Netflix, but when you think about it: Netflix is boring you. However, what do you do when Netflix is boring?

In this post, I will tell you about it. From reasons why and what you can do to avoid this frustration.

What to do when Netflix is boring

This is how you can tell if Netflix is boring you

I have numerous reasons how you can tell if Netflix is boring. To make it easier on you, I have boggled them down to five. So, let’s get started!

What’s up?!

If there’s one thing Netflix excels at it’s that there is SO MUCH to see. And that brings us to your first frustration.

You have no idea what to watch anymore and you are bored.

Frustrated by the entertainment

You look on Netflix and guess what? There is nothing you are looking for. Your ultimate genre is disappointing. You don’t get what you deserve!

And what makes it even worse? Even with the excess, nothing else is it. They gave you limited options, even with all they have.

It’s not your taste

Horror, drama or romance that is so sweet: it is unrealistic. But you have a choice according to Netflix. Choose something else.

However, this isn’t your taste. So you either watch it with disappointment or you don’t: being left not entertained and what’s worse? You are giving away your money.

What to do when Netflix is boring

Disappointed by storylines

You are watching your show, but then you realise: the storylines are incredibly disappointing!

But why is that? This is because of poor writing and the producers settling for less. A lack of quality clashes with your expectations. You didn’t sign up for that!

You can’t stand it!

One thing you are feeling: frustration. And it’s by this: you can’t stand how predictable stories, movies and tv-shows are.

You are watching it while guessing. And when you are right it’s frustrating you.

This says a lot about quality. Predictable stories are the number one reason people stop. They are frustrated.

You don’t have to worry, because this is the biggest one we fight every day. You don’t have to settle for less.


Netflix bores you, but why?!

Netflix isn’t for everyone and that’s why many people find it boring. It’s not made for your needs. But why is that?

Apart from the ten reasons above, how does it come that Netflix, with all the resources they have, still manage to bore you?

You deserve better. You know that, but do they? No. Don’t you worry, because you can fix this, without needing their help. You have Yarrow House Publishing on your team.

For your entertainment needs. Let’s fix your Netflix frustrations because you can fix it easily.

What to do when Netflix is boring

Ways to fix your Netflix frustration

There is more than streaming. I know you click and you get. Oh, the ease you experience.

But there are more ways to get the ultimate entertainment experience. It doesn’t exist in visual entertainment on-screen alone.

You change it!

How about a book that’s written so visually you are right there? Where you feel the tension without you having to be startled by screams or disturbing videos? Where dialogue is so on-point you feel the need to quickly move on? But are you aware of where to go? What to read to get those feelings?

Business Wise is exactly what to read when you are frustrated by these:

  • Predictability: you guess so much right!
  • When storylines leave your questions unanswered.
  • That moment you realise: “I’m not getting the full experience. How dare they?!”
  • So much excess, they forget about your entertainment

When you recognise yourself in this, it’s about time you grab yourself a copy on Amazon and enter the exclusive and high-society of the Gallaghers and Garrisons!

You can settle for less with Netflix, or you can choose to join the exclusive club where it’s all about your entertainment. Every single day we are doing our absolute best to make it work for you.

What else can you do? With ease, you can find other streaming services. But, are they giving you what you need? The entertainment you are craving. Think about that.

Then, let’s go to the other things you can do to prevent the boredom!

You imagine …

Do you know people daydream a lot? When you go see a movie (when it’s quality-rich) you get into the story and everyone is totally in it. This is because you are given something to dream about. Your imagination is keeping you focused.

You should imagine the world you are entering. No matter if it’s a book, a show, play or a tv-show. Why should you want all that? Because imagining is step one to success. Where are you really without it?

All-Inclusive Entertainment Company

You choose …

A tip for you: consider different times to enjoy entertainment that will suit you. Business Wise is a big one, but another: Hollywood’s Golden Years. And not just Hollywood, but the United Kingdom and Australia as well.

You should know that quality has significantly decreased since the Golden Years. When a book, show or movie is out: people only accept it with enormous success.

They must achieve success in excess. That’s a big reason you are missing out on so much. You will have a challenge: finding it to enjoy!

You have a choice …

Know that you don’t have to be frustrated any longer. You can choose for better entertainment that helps you avoid all these frustrations.

Where excitement is, imagination and above all: entertainment!

Entertainment Company

You are done, ready to go …

Benefits of Yarrow House Publishing’s Business Wise:

  1. You get to enter exclusivity
  2. You know predictability isn’t part of it.
  3. And you will be certain that everything has been done to acknowledge your entertainment needs.
Be entertained, become successful!