Why is Historical Fiction Successful?

Historical fiction is successful, but why is that?

You either sigh or smile relieved. You may think about twirling Victorian women, in love and securing a marriage, blushing as they speak.

Or a Netflix series, set in the 20th century pops up where the glamour makes you want more.

Anyway, historical fiction is so diverse, no surprise it’s a hit. But why is historical fiction successful? To answer that question, we first go to what is mostly expected from historical fiction.

What people expect from Historical Fiction

Like with any genre: facts and misconceptions. You likely have your own expectations.

It says a great deal about how Historical Fiction keeps changing. Because the truth is, Historical Fiction is not what it used to be.

Since independent authors have taken the stage, Historical Fiction is no longer exclusively for books about war, Victorian women and the Middle Ages. It’s your go-to genre for exclusivity, glamour, excitement. You can’t find it anywhere else.

And let that be exactly what people want since our day-to-day lacks all that. But what do people expect from Historical Fiction today?

Why is historical fiction successful?

Facts and misconceptions

  • You feel bored – This is what so many people expect. That’s the reputation Historical Fiction has earned throughout the years. This is mostly because such heavy literature is Historical Fiction. And this brings us to the second misconception.
  • It’s hard to follow – Let’s be honest: you work hard all day and then the last thing you want is to read a heavy story where you have trouble keeping up with.
  • You’re not a history-junkie – Okay, historical fiction explains itself partially, but it’s certainly not only for history junkies. Historical Fiction also doesn’t mean it’s filled with historical references.

Meaning of Historical Fiction: A story that is set in a certain period of time.

A bit crass, but it is in simple terms just fiction set in the 1980s like these ones.

  • Not applying to me = the biggest misconception. Not because history repeats itself per se, but mostly for the reason certain time periods are trending constantly. Then it’s also that particular gestures, systems and behaviours are actually continuously making its comeback.

Why is historical fiction successful

What is Historical Fiction today?

You are reading, watching Historical Fiction. Especially now, it’s the most exciting genre you can engage with.

And let that exactly be what we created for you. If you’re looking for exciting historical fiction, set in the 20th century, then we point you in the right direction: Business Wise.

You will find the following in this amazing series:

  • Glamour
  • Ongoing storylines
  • Lots of plot twists
  • High entertainment factor

Reasons why Historical Fiction is successful


      1. More opportunities for storytelling

Historical Fiction is a genre that gives authors a plethora of opportunities. Nothing is off-limits and what you get is a story that makes you want more.

It’s the genre where the motto is: the more detail, the better. Historical Fiction is a very visual genre, which is also why it’s preferred in the entertainment industry in general.

      2. Escape!

More than anything, you’re looking to escape and be taken somewhere else. Somewhere, exciting, entertaining and makes you imagine.

     3. Perfect on screen

Historical fiction is perfect on screen. It’s where the money is made in the industry. Think about the top-selling movies, tv-shows and books: was it historical fiction?

The reason why it’s such a hit is that people are taken somewhere else. It somehow seems better. It’s more exciting. And because people can’t truly see themselves in let’s say the 1960s or 1980s anymore: they are truly partaking in a different world.

    4. Today is boring

Do you feel part of your own story? That’s exactly what historical fiction is doing. People reading and watching, are becoming part of the world they enter. The reality of the characters and they likely realise: today is boring. That is another reason why people love historical fiction so much. For those minutes, hours you don’t have to engage with the 21st century we know today: we enter the non-boring lives of others.

   5. Daydreaming

People daydream a lot! You do it more than you think. We’re imagining and we’re taking a break. Have you thought about how it comes that people in the movie theatre are watching as if they’re hypnotised?

It’s not that the movie is so great. Or you’re reading, being 100% engaged with the story, totally forgetting you were supposed to work. It has nothing to do with quality.

This is the power of storytelling and it goes back to our cavemen days. We tell stories for numerous reasons, but what it helps us do is to daydream.

That is why when you read you’re likely to be taken into the story and when you watch a movie you are focused. You are given something to daydream about.

Made for you!

You are looking for the new. If you are truly excited about the new kind of historical fiction that is making you excited and keeps you entertained, we’re glad to introduce Business Wise to you!

A quick checklist for you:

  • You know, the 1980s that was exciting!
  • When all you want is entertaining storylines
  • Especially when you crave books that should be movies
  • More characters to keep up with, instead of one boring one
  • Keeping you entertained: you won’t be able to guess what’s coming!

Why is historical fiction successful?

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