The Business Wise Series


Set In The Glamorous 1980s


A Novel About Professional & Private Business Affairs

Since entering the companies of their fathers as employees, Ryan Gallagher and Stewart Garrison can finally put into practice what they have been taught.With their inhospitable ways the families must secure their rightful place. The unceasing rivalry challenges co-existing between the two leading entrepreneurial parties. The women with all their glamour, support and characteristic ways play their part too. Being the (un)necessary influences in their roles as mothers and wives, they are of utter importance in the affairs. Not only at their companies both parties show what they're capable of, but in every setting possible.

About The Author: M.B. Clarke

The Business Wise Series is written by M.B. Clarke which is a pseudonym for the author's real name. She is an entrepreneur, author and many other things. From writing books, to creating and recreating particular settings, eras and experiences. She is also involved in producing and is enamoured with the eighties.

M.B. Clarke is a Dutch native speaker but is fascinated by and loves the English language and culture, especially the English culture of The United Kingdom and Australia. Her publications have one thing in common: little affinity with today's modern world. M.B. Clarke writes what she misses in books, movies and television.